National Ice Cream Day Means It’s Time for a Cleaning

National Ice Cream Day Means It’s Time for a Cleaning

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In 1984, President Ronald Reagan decreed a day for ice cream and his proclamation for the dairy industry in America. Every third Sunday in July is when all Americans celebrate their love for ice cream on National Ice Cream Day. At Cakmes Dental, we love our ice cream, don’t get us wrong, although we must warn you what happens if you don’t keep your teeth clean when you indulge in the frosty treat. Cavities are the number one disease in your teeth that comes from sugar. Cavities are preventable, so here are a few ways to keep your teeth clean and healthy from the sugars in your favorite dessert.

Space out the Sweets

When you eat sweets, such as ice cream, the pH level in your mouth drops, making it more acidic. Acid is not suitable for your tooth enamel, and the bacteria associated with cavity formation thrive in acidic conditions. A healthy mouth is overwhelmed if it has to defend against acid attack multiple times a day, which is why you should limit the number of times you eat sweets throughout the day. At Cakmes Dental, we fully support eating ice cream during a designated time of the day: Dessert Time! 

Swish Your Teeth With Water

Establishing healthy habits after consuming lots of sugar will help your teeth significantly. If you swish water in your mouth after eating sugar, it will help clean your teeth, but do not scrub your tooth enamel. Brushing your teeth immediately after eating sugar can weaken your enamel from the acid attacks.

Don’t Eat Your Ice Cream in Bed

Nights of sleep and sweets do not mix. Late-night eating before bed poses its threat to tooth enamel. If you eat sweets right before bed, you increase a risk that your saliva won’t adequately rebalance your mouth, and cavities can be created from bacteria. Make sure you eat your ice cream before falling asleep and do not brush your teeth too soon after eating your ice cream! Timing is everything.

For National Ice Cream Day, check out if there are any specials at your local ice cream parlor, or try to make your own ice cream. Make sure to schedule teeth cleaning with us at Cakmes Dental to ensure you don’t have any cavities. Head to our website for more information.

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