The Real Effect Soda has on Your Teeth

The Real Effect Soda has on Your Teeth

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Soda. It’s a popular beverage among so many men and women of all ages, but do you know the real effect it has on your teeth? Of course, we have all heard “it’s bad” and causes cavities, but what else is there to it that makes soda so detrimental to your dental health? Let’s take a deeper look to find out. 

Many people believe that the acid on the ingredients list on a soda bottle is the only acid that dental professionals warn about when discussing acid-induced decay from drinking too much soda. However, there is actually much more to that. When soda reaches your mouth, it reacts to certain chemicals and bacteria that reside there and actually produce acid that harms your teeth even more. So, not only are your teeth being harmed by the acids already in the soda, but they are also being harmed by acid created in this chemical reaction right inside your mouth. It’s a double whammy. 

The two main concerns with drinking soda and maintaining dental health are cavities and erosion. Cavities are much more likely to be prevalent in people who consume a lot of soda because the sugars and acids in soda break down dentin in your teeth which is essentially what protects your teeth from cavities and other issues. However, soft drink damage always starts at the enamel, and this is where erosion begins. Once your enamel is broken down too significantly from the acids and sugars in soda, it is very difficult to rebuild it, and your teeth will be much more susceptible to future problematic dental issues like decay.

The evident solution here is to not drink soda, but we understand that sometimes a pizza, burger and fries, or popcorn just isn’t the same without your favorite soda. Our advice to you is to consume soda in a moderate manner if you are going to drink it. Being careful and drinking soda in moderation won’t be detrimental to your dental health. So, here are some tips to help preserve your pearly whites if you have to have a soda every now and then.

    1. Rinse your mouth with water after you drink a soda to wash away excess sugars and acids that are sitting on your teeth.
    2. Don’t drink soda before going to sleep, but if you do, be sure to brush your teeth after.
    3. Drink soda through a straw to eliminate a lot of the contact it has with your teeth. 

Whether you are a soda drinker or not, you need to have your teeth cleaned regularly! If it has been a while, contact Cakmes Dental Studio today to get your appointment set up. We look forward to seeing you.

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