Removable Partials

Improve Your Smile With Removable Partial Dentures

Our patients rely on us for partial dentures that improve their smiles and daily lives!

Cakmes Dental Studio understands the importance of a natural-looking smile, and will work with you to ensure your partials are well-designed, durable and comfortable.

Improve your daily life, confidence, and smile with our custom partials.

Partials are removable, artificial teeth connected to a gum-colored base and metal framework. These replacement teeth serve a functional and cosmetic purpose, bridging gaps where there are missing teeth. Partial dentures may be an option for you if you have lost teeth due to health complications or injury. At Cakmes Dental Studio, we custom design partials that help perform essential tasks such as speaking and chewing. Our team will consult with you on everything from your bite to the fit and shade, to ensure that your new smile suits you.

Contact us to start your journey to an improved smile that feels great.

What Our Patients Have to Say

“I had a very awesome experience at Cakmes Dental studios.They went out of there way to help me relax knowing how I have issues with dental procedures.They all were amazing and worked together to make my experience a very pleasant one.Thank you all.”

Brent M., Knoxville, TN

One of the best dentists I’ve ever had. The staff is all very friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. 10/10 would recommend.

Heather H., Knoxville, TN