Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings Help Give You a Healthy, Attractive Smile

We offer tooth-colored restorations so your smile is stronger, healthier and looks natural!

At Cakmes Dental Studio, we believe in offering our patients the
latest technologies and cosmetic services available to achieve a natural,
healthy smile. Tooth-colored restorations, also commonly referred to as white fillings or composite resin fillings, are a great option for those needing long-lasting, aesthetic dental restoration.

Our tooth-colored restoration services ensure your smile’s durability for years to come! 

Tooth-colored restorations are an alternative to traditional silver amalgam and offer many benefits. Considered a superior option, these metal-free fillings are typically comprised of resin and porcelain materials, offering a tooth-like texture and look that is cosmetically pleasing. The many benefits of tooth-colored restorations include:

  • Restored tooth structure
  • Strength and durability
  • Decay prevention
  • Natural appearance and functionality
  • Long lifespan

Dr. Cakmes is able to match the resin or porcelain mixture to each patient’s tooth shade, resulting in an unnoticeable restoration and natural look.

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Close-up portrait of a smiling man iwth natural colored fillings.

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