If your chipped, cracked, or irregularly shaped teeth keep you from showing your biggest and brightest smile, then you may benefit from aesthetic contouring.

What is Aesthetic Contouring?

Aesthetic contouring is a simple and quick method of enhancing your smile. It can be done on one tooth or numerous teeth.

This procedure doesn’t require any anesthetic and can be completed in a single appointment. It can be done for altering the shape of chipped or worn teeth and correcting overlap or crooked teeth.

What is the procedure like?

When it’s done for reshaping the teeth, it usually involves the removal of a very small amount of tooth structure. Chipped teeth are smoothed out and certain angles or edges can be rounded or squared.

Aesthetic contouring is a quick and effective way of giving you balanced gum lines, even teeth, and a beautiful, attractive smile.

Who is a good candidate for Aesthetic Contouring?

Aesthetic contouring may work for you if you have cracked, chipped, fractured, or overlapped teeth. This procedure may also work well for teeth with grooves or pits in the enamel.

The best way to find out if aesthetic contouring is for you is by seeing a dentist. Here at Cakmes Dental Studio, we take pride in the quality of our dental work and customer service. Request for an appointment with us or call (865) 584-6163. We’ll look into your teeth and tell you if aesthetic contouring will work for you.