Botox is very well known in society for its ability to lift the skin of the face and create a younger-looking complexion. Lately, multiple studies have proven that Botox can actually help people who suffer from severe migraines several times a month. While this breakthrough wow-ed the industry, it also opened several doors to explore the possibilities of other health benefits or treatments that Botox can provide. Thanks to this, there is now evidence that links Botox to treating TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorder) pain and disorders.

The TMJ muscles in the jaw are used very often throughout the day. Eating, talking, and swallowing are all actions that require the use of this muscle. Sometimes, when this muscle is overworked or irritated due to teeth grinding or too much activity, severe pain can follow. Botox can be used to reduce this pain when Botox is injected in the TMJ area. Essentially, the Botox prevents involuntary movement of the jaw (i.e. teeth grinding) to prevent further irritation and pain. All patients who seek Botox treatment for TMJ pain typically see successful results very quickly. Plus, this procedure is not invasive at all – there is very little downtime and only temporary mild discomfort. You can get back to work right after your procedure!

Do you have deep smile lines that you feel take away from the natural beauty of your face? Do you feel like your smile lines age you? Botox can also reduce the appearance of smile lines. This includes cheek lines, chin lines, and the dreaded crow’s feet. You shouldn’t have to feel like smiling or laughing is causing your face to age. Botox can help you smile confidently and keep you from worrying – your beautiful smile is not causing wrinkles!

If you are experiencing TMJ pain, you want to get rid of your smile lines, or you would like a full face consult, talk to your dentist to get a professional opinion. There are other options available to treat TMJ problems that, in some cases, should be explored before resorting to Botox. Contact Cakmes Dental Studio today to schedule your next appointment. We provide elite dental care and expert advice. We look forward to meeting you and determining if Botox can help you in any way.