My Story:

I had learned over the years not to smile. I didn’t want to show my teeth which were yellowed and worn. It never occurred to me that they could change. I thought it was what happened with age. But I was encouraged to talk to Dr. Cakmes and his wonderful staff. They spent time finding out what I wanted, taking measurements and discussing the possibilities. It is amazing to me how gentle and kind everyone was. With my first visit, I quickly realized this group of people knew what they were doing!

I now have beautiful, white teeth that I proudly display. In less time than I thought possible, I have the smile I had always dreamed of. It has changed how I relate to people; It has changed how I feel inside. The quality of work, the professionalism of each staff member, and the friendliness I experienced from everyone gave me the confidence to step into this transformation. Now if only I can get them to take care of my wrinkles!



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