My Story:

I have been self-conscious and ashamed of my smile all my life. I never smiled in photographs because I was embarrassed. Even in my wedding pictures, my lips are closed. Dr. Cakmes patiently discussed my options with me over months and months. When I was ready to move forward with my smile makeover, he and his staff seemed as excited as I was. Everyone was so accommodating and comforting during the treatments, I felt like I was visiting friends at every appointment.

I was holding a large bridal shower at my home in the coming months, and set that as the target date of completion for my new smile. When that day came, I was talking with some of the ladies about how beautiful all of the young bridesmaids were with their gorgeous figures and perfect teeth. They said to me, “What are YOU talking about? YOU have a perfect smile!” And I did! I continuously get compliments on my teeth. When I tell people about the work Dr. Cakmes did, they are surprised. Some have even told me that they thought I was just an unfriendly person because I didn’t smile! Now that I smile all the time, my life has changed. I am more confident, more approachable and just plain happier. Dr. Cakmes is more than a dentist. He is an artist and a gifted professional.



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