My Story:

My smile has always been an area of self-consciousness. Not incredibly crooked or anything that one couldn’t live with, but still not what I wanted in a smile. Over the past few years I would go back and forth between the idea of braces and pursuing cosmetic dentistry. Looking back at photos from my high school and early college years I noticed that my true smile was missing and in its place was a false representation of my true self.

I recently made the decision to pursue the smile I felt I was meant to have, and through Dr. Cakmes’ services and the helpfulness of the staff I was able to make a seemingly life changing decision to achieve that missing smile. I couldn’t be happier with the results and now have a confident smile that I am proud to display any time a camera is around.


Portrait of Brooke before her cosmetic dentistry appointment.
Up-close of Brooke's teeth before her appointment.


Portrait of Brooke after her cosmetic dentistry appointment at Cakmes.
Up-close of Brooke's smile after her cosmetic dental appointment.


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