My Story:

Teeth don’t play games. They decide how they want to grow, what color they want to be, and how close they want to relate themselves to the other teeth in their neighborhood. My teeth seemed to be part of an extremely dysfunctional family. They acted like hooligans running around in my mouth; that is the few teeth that even decided to show up. They didn’t represent who I felt I was. My teeth became an easy
insult. I would often fall asleep and hope that when I woke up my teeth would be perfect. My parents knew how I felt.

We had been through the gauntlet of dentists and they all seemed to be intimidated by my teeth. Then we went to see Dr. Cakmes and he said, “No problem.” I would come into his office and the staff would treat me like a person with good teeth. They made me feel so comfortable. The world is filled with sacrifices, insecurities, and problems that are out of our control.

I am so grateful that Dr. Cakmes, his staff, and my parents made my teeth one less insecurity.



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